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“Opal”, the third release of Maddalena Ghezzi’s “Minerals”, is a collaboration with guitarist Francesca Naibo. It sprouted from both musicians’ interests in composing for each other’s instruments, experimenting sonically and exploring the use of voice and language. Opal was recorded at Nitön, a sonic exploration lab in Northern Italy. The EP counts four tracks. Meadow and Confluence, respectively composed by Ghezzi and Naibo, were written for guitar and two voices and are inspired by feelings of belonging and enriching solitary moments. Two improvisations complete the EP: Abyss, an immersion in the depths of sound, and Instabile, the only track with lyrics, recorded using a head with binaural stereo microphone handmade by musician and sound engineer Enrico Mangione. Opal, inspired by the qualities attributed to the mineral of the same name, is a sonic journey in search for internal clarity.

Available on Bandcamp.

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