• Cover : 12 Meditations on Motian
    „12 Meditations on Motian“ is a project by the drummer Zeno De Rossi. It’s made of 12 duos with 12 among the most interesting italian guitarists. They come with 12 original illustrations by the artist Francesco Chiacchio. Francesca Naibo (classical guitar) and Zeno De Rossi mix their sounds in „Sod House“. Available on Bandcamp – click here
  • Cover : BlueRing Underwood
    Extemporaneous creation, composition, group listening, gesture, open forms, expression of creative contemporaneity, improvisation, now music, collective breath: these are the keywords to approach listening to the latest project of BlueRing-Improvisers. For years, the Association has dedicated itself to artistic research, exploring ’non-idiomatic‘ improvisational practices, conduction, and written composition in order to create artistic activities in the field of music and theoretical research, always in a spontaneous and symbiotic dialogue with the visual arts. In order to widen its range of [...]
  • Cover : Opal


    „Opal“, the third release of Maddalena Ghezzi’s „Minerals“, is a collaboration with guitarist Francesca Naibo. It sprouted from both musicians‘ interests in composing for each other’s instruments, experimenting sonically and exploring the use of voice and language. Opal was recorded at Nitön, a sonic exploration lab in Northern Italy. The EP counts four tracks. Meadow and Confluence, respectively composed by Ghezzi and Naibo, were written for guitar and two voices and are inspired by feelings of belonging and enriching solitary [...]
  • Cover : Namatoulee
    “Namatoulee” is Francesca Naibo’s first recording and it was released by Aut Records on 15 June 2020. It’s a solo album, where the musician faces the art of free improvisation and 14 tracks full of colors and sonic images arise from it. Available on Bandcamp: https://francescanaibo.bandcamp.com
  • Cover : Esercizi di immaginazione
    Graphic scores linked to poetic and traditional musical fragments. Looking for a synthesis between reality and imagination, sensitivity and praxis, hearing and doing. Compositions by Marco Colonna Available on Bandcamp – click here

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