Francesca Naibo – guitar

Simone Massaron – guitar


Francesca Naibo and Simone Massaron create Kreis, a circle around improvisation, indefiniteness of sounds and a desire for expression that doesn’t feel urge for codify.

Kreis is like a photography that used to be negative before becoming positive, but it keeps showing these two faces. Watching a negative image is in the end just a different point of view of the same object: therefore Kreis is composition and improvisation, sound and noise.

Kreis is a guitar duo that is formed by a classical guitarist (Francesca Naibo)

and a jazz guitarist (Simone Massaron). They have the common language of improvisation.

In this duo the guitar transcends often its renown function and becomes a sonic box at service of the two musicians’ creativity. In fact the two guitarists play with the possibilities that the instrument offers and take advantage of its whole sound extension in the way of Derek Baley, Helmut Lachenmann or John Cage, but they never forgive the popular and communicative nature of the guitar.

The love for this instrument unites this duo and brings the public to take contact with wood, strings and the objects with which the musicians often prepare their instruments, paying homage to the figure of John Cage that lingers like a protective spirit on this project.

Rigorously acoustic, the duo presents itself with instruments that are connected to the different backgrounds of the two members: a classic guitar for Francesca Naibo and an archtop for Simone Massaron.

Kreis alternates solo moments and duo moments, defined compositions and total freedom, traditional colors, preparations and noises. Its offer is a concert rich of singular and unexpected sounds and of different points of listening.

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