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Francesca Naibo – fretless guitar

Timmy Schenk – live electronics

Sound and image.

Sonic and visual.

Stimulus and reaction.

This project investigates how image can influence sound and how it can stimulate the research for a sonic event that best describes what the eye sees. It also performs improvised music under the guidance of chance (random appearance of images).

Foliage” (2012) by Elliott Sharp and “For one, two, three people” (1964) by Christian Wolff are performed in “Sonus proiectus”.


It presents a graphic score and is open to every kind of interpretation. Our research started from a first try out of different sound that it’s possible to produce through the chosen instruments. Then we carefully analyzed the visual aspects and adopted sonic solution for every page to translate lines and spaces into sounds.


It has a graphic score too, but it uses many different signs with a precise meaning. The instructions explain clearly what the performer should do, but then he is asked to improvise, as he is free to choose which note to play, sometimes when, which timbre, which order, etc. It’s a balanced mixture of rules and freedom. In this version of the piece we decided to project the scores with a random appearance of the elements, but with an intentional duration of them.


Manuel Pollinger – voice

Francesca Naibo – guitar

Francesca and Manuel unify many elements (guitar, voice, literature, poetry, improvisation, singing) only with an intent: to tell a story. From Christa Wolf to Jörg Fauser they look for a the origin of joy, doubt, pain, curiosity and of everything that colours human life.


Antea Magaldi – acting

Francesca Naibo – guitar

A journey with no boundaries and marked lines through the Shakespearian voices and Dowland’s harmonies. Dense, sincere, direct music. Sharp, marked, enchanting words. Sonnets and songs, short moments in which a spirit reveals his thoughts and his essence. Shakespeare and Dowland meet each other in this common passionate language, put into vibration by the voice of Antea Magaldi and the strings of Francesca Naibo.



Francesca Naibo – guitar

Diletta Bibbò – guitar

“Frames” is a musical journey in the Baroque period that goes through time and space: from the Italian resonances of Vivaldi it touches Passacaglias by Händel and Ciacconas by Telemann, until the glorious and everlasting poliphony by Bach. Dreamy and precious harmonies will guide the ear through the sounds of the century of wonder.


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